Monday, July 30, 2012

Ginger (Inji ) Thuvaiyal

Earlier when i started to make this thuvaiyal I was not confident about the outcome of the taste.As ginger itself is very strong in its taste,I was scared whether the thuvaiyal also would be too strong to taste.After getting the recipe from my aunty(native of tirunelveli),I tried it out and was a great success.It tastes very good with the hot hot steamed rice and also with Sodhi.Themild taste of the sodhi and the hot taste of the ginger thuvaiyal goes on hand in hand.Infact you can have once in 15 days to upright our digestive system

You can also temper mustard seeds and add to the thuvaiyal.


  1. Hi Amudha ,

    thuvayal looks tempting :)

    Mouth watering :)

    Keep on Dear...

    1. Tk u So much dear for ur speeeeeeeeeeedy compliments...keep blogging

  2. my next sure its gonna be yumm !! cant wait!