Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Palm Jaggery Paniyaram/Karupatti Paniyaram

Palm Jaggery is quite famous in southern Tamilnadu.I had never tasted till I shifted to Tuticorin.After knowing the health benefits of this Jaggery from then, I try to substitute palm Jaggery for white sugar.
Palm jaggery/Karupatti Vellam/Panai Vellam is almost like jaggery which is made from the sap extract of palm trees.It is rich in calcium,iron and other vitamins.It is used as a substitute for sugar for the diabetic patients.
Our neighbour got us the fresh karuppatti when they visited a village near Udangudi.Delicious,fresh,unadulterated Karupattis are sold in this place.Thank u uncle for the healthy Panai Vellam.
All of us liked this sweet paniyaram including my two kids.Especially the younger one Y just loved it and asked me to reserve some batter for the next day.She wanted me, to give it as her snacks, so that she could share it with her Pre KG friends.I packed it for her and she conveyed me  that most of her friends loved the snack!!Even her Mam started explaining the kids about the health benefits of the snack to all the upgrowing kids..
So don't wait..just prepare the batter and make yummy paniyarams to ur kids.Instead of giving them Noodles and Lays prepare this and make their life more healthier!!
Swathi from zesty south indian kitchen has a very nice space of recipes.I love the way she presents it and had bookmarked almost all her cake recipes..Please drop into her space whenever u find time.
After typing this whole recipe I happened to see my updates from few bloggers.Swathi along with 27coupons.com had announced for a contest on Indian sweets.The details of the contest are below
I am linking this recipe to the contest
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Makes around 25-30 numbers
Preparation Time:20 minutes(plus 3 hours of soaking n overnight fermentation)
Cooking Time:5-10 minutes
1/2 cup of Raw Rice
1/2 Cup of Boiled Rice
2 Tbsp of Urad Dhal
1 Tsp of Fenugreek seeds
1 Cup of crushed Palm Jaggery/Karupatti(Instead u can add  jaggery also)
1 Tsp of Cardamom Powder
1/2 Cup of grated coconut(Optional)
A pinch of salt

Soak raw rice,boiled rice,urad dhal together for 3-4 hours.Soak fenugreek seeds separately.
Grind the soaked ones in a mixer grinder.Use the fenugreek soaked water too while grinding.
Grind it into a smooth batter.Don't add too much of water while grinding.
Let the batter be little thick.Add a pinch of salt and mix well.
Ferment the batter overnight.

Next day morning the batter would have been fermented and is ready to use.
Crush the palm jaggery into small pieces.
Heat a pan add the palm jaggery into it.Then add 2-3 tbsp of water and heat it till the jaggery gets dissolved completely.
Heat the jaggery and there is no specific consistency for the jaggery syrup.Just make the jaggery to get dissolved.Filter the syrup.
Add the melted and filtered  jaggery syrup to the thick fermented batter.
Add Cardamom powder also to it
Add a pinch of salt.
Add grated coconut too
Mix the batter thoroughly
Heat the paniyaram pan.
Add a drop of oil to all the holes of the paniyaram pan.
Pour a spoon full of batter into the hole of the pan.
Bring the flame to low .After 2 minutes turn the paniyaram in each hole so that the other side gets cooked well.
Cook it both the sides and serve this delicious and healthy paniyaram sweet..
  • Instead of Palm Jaggery normal jaggery can be used.
  • Don't cook the paniyaram pan in high flame.It might leave the middle the paniyarams uncooked.
  • Let the batter be  very thick before adding the jaggery syrup.
  • After adding the syrup the batter should not be too thin nor be too thick
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