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I remember the days at my college life where we use to eat pongal for breakfast and find hard to control our sleep at the boring lecturing hours.From then on till now if I have pongal it will make me to sleep.I tried deleting the ghee and other rich parts..still it is always a bothai marunthu for me...So I hardly make it even though HH loves to have it!!
Pongal festival being nearing I thought of posting the main VenPongal recipe.Pongal,Ulunthu Vada with   Brinjal Kotsu n Coconut chutney makes a grand and great breakfast.At most of the south Indian hotels Pongal is always accompanied by Ulunthu vada.
During pongal they make kai Kari Kootu and this goes very well with pongal. I love this combination too.At hotels they use dalda and I mostly avoid eating pongal outside
For the recipe pls press READ MORE below..

Preparation Time:under 10 minutes
Cooking Time:under 20 minutes
Serves-2 to 3
1 Cup of raw rice/pacharisi
1/4 Cup of moong dhal/Pasi Paruppu
4 Cups of water
1 Tbsp of grated ginger
1 pinch of asafoetida
To temper:
2-3 Tbsp of Ghee/oil
2 tsp of black peppercorn
2 tsp of cumin seeds/jeera
2 strands of curry leaves
1 Tsp of cashewnuts
1 tsp of coarsely crushed black pepper(optional)
Dry roast the moong dhal in a kadai.
Then add water to the dhal and rice mixture and soak it for 15 minute(can skip this step too)
In a pressure pan add the rice and dhal mixture.Add 4 cups of water.
To it add grated ginger and required amount of salt
I add a drop of oil to avoid pongal getting cooked like a kanji.
Pressure cook it for 2-3 whistles.
Then using a ladle slightly smash the rice and dhal mixture.
Take a tempering pan add oil and add items to temper.See to it that u don't burn Jeera.Add it at the end to avoid burning.
Add the tempered thing to the pongal and mix well.
While serving ghee can be added on the top of pongal
Serve the pongal super hot with kotsu and coconut chutney.Idly sambar can also be had with pongal.If u still want the breakfast to be grand make methu vada and serve it along with it!!Yummy ur tummy will become!!
Handy Tips:
  • If little water is there after pressure cooked don't mind.The mixture turns thick on cooling.
  •  Freshly Crushed pepper powder can also be added while tempering.As my kids throw away the pepper out I opt for the crushed pepper powder.
  • While tempering don't burn cumin seeds
  • Some add a pinch of turmeric powder to give yellow colour to the pongal
  • At hotels they use dalda which is unhealthy.
  • While serving ghee and fried cashews can be added on pongal which gives a nice aroma for pongal.
  • The mixture turns thick on cooling
  • I  usually do tempering with oil and while serving i add ghee and cashews if required!!

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