Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bombay Chutney- Thoor Dhal Version

My mother used to make this as a side dish for Idly and Dosa.Some have it with poori too.When she is running short of dhal or time she makes this very quickly.It tastes very yummy.It can also be called instant sambhar.Though it is named as chutney the consistency will be similar to sambar.I don't know why it is named as bombay Chutney.Whatever the reason may be it tastes very yummy with thin dosais..There is another type where they add besan flour and make the same sambhar.Bombay Chutney-Besan flour version will be posted soon
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Preparation Time: under 10 minutes
Cooking time:Under 10 minutes


1 Big Onion chopped finely
1 small tomato chopped finely
Coriander leaves to garnish
1/4 tsp of Turmeric powder

To soak in water and then grind:

 1 Tbsp of Thoor dhal
1 tsp of raw rice
2 nos of green chillies(don't soak it..but add while grinding)
1 Tbsp of grated ginger(don't soak it..but add while grinding)

To temper:

1 Tbsp of Oil
1 Tsp of mustard il
1/2 tsp of cumin seeds
1/2 tsp of urad dhal
1 strand of curry leaves
A pinch of asafoetida


Soak the thoor dhal and rawrice for 10 minutes.
Grind it along with ginger and green chillies
Make it into smooth paste by grinding it with water

In a pan add oil.
After oil gets heated add items mentioned under "To temper "
Then add onions and saute well
Add tomato and saute it well till the mixture turns mushy.
See to it that the mixture is not getting burnt
Then add the grinded mixture with it.Add 1/2 a cup of water.
Then add turmeric powder and required amount of salt and allow it to boil.

Boil it till the mixture turns little thick.It will turn thick after cooling too.So switch it off accordingly.
Then add coriander leaves.
Serve it as a side dish for dosa or Idly.

Handy Tips:
  • The mixture turns thick on cooling.So while switching off see to the consistency of the chutney.
  • The gravy turns nice yellowish after boiling.So don't add much of turmeric powder.
  • Instead of raw rice coconut can also be added to bring in thickness.1 Tbsp of grated coconut can be added.
  • Saunf can also be added while tempering or on grinding to give a nice aroma
  • Don't add much tomatoes  or else the mixture will become very sour
  • Garlic can also be added while grinding.If so add just a single flake of garlic pod


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