Monday, January 28, 2013

Dal-Baati (Rajasthani Special)

Dhal-Baati-Churma is a famous trio of the rajasthani Cuisine.I was teaching S a chapter in her GK which described the famous dishes of all the states in India.I was virtually explaining her about the dishes.Luckily at our township there are people from all states..So I thought about posting the authentic dishes from other states of India too..
I approached Shobha of our block to do a guest post for my blog.With no hesitance she accepted my request.I was so thrilled and much delighted when she said Yes.With all Josh I attacked her home the next day evening with one of my another friend.she gave a very much detailed explanation of how to make and eat dhaal baati....she made very delicious baatis.Thank u so much dear ..

Dal baati is a famous Rajasthani dish that is rich and nutritious.It is usually served during special occasions.They can be stored for more than two days.Baati is actually dipped in ghee!!!!before eating!!Baati is a wheat ball which has a hard outer crust but inside it is very softer.They are cooked in gas oven(traditionally cooked in firewood or kandas),dipped/stuffed with more of ghee,crushed ,mixed with dal and eaten...baatis can also be stuffed with some other fillings too!!When I served to my kids the elder was relating it to the tennis ball!!one could eat only 1 baati at a time.It is a very rich dish and a single baati with rich lentils will make ur tummy full!!!

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1 cup of atta/wheat flour
Water as much required to blend it.
1 tsp of Ajwain seeds
4 tbsp of ghee for blending
1 cup of ghee for mixing with the prepared Baati(Optional)(Can replace it will oil too)


1/2 a cup of Moong Dal
1/2 a cup of Masoor Dal
1/2 a cup of Thuvar Dhal
1/2 a cup of Channa Dal
1/4  cup of split Black Urad Dhal
1/2 a cup of chopped onions
1/2 a cup of tomatoes
7-8 pods of garlic crushed
5-6 nos. of  green chillies
1/2 Tsp of Turmeric Powder
1 Tsp of red chilli powder
1 Tsp of Cumin seeds/Jeera
Handful of chopped coriander leaves
1/2 tsp of pepper powder
1/4 Tsp of Garam Masala powder
1/2 Tsp of mustard oil
1 Tbsp of cooking oil
1 strand of curry leaves


Take atta in a mixing bowl.Add salt,ghee,Ajwain.Mix well.Instead of ghee oil can be added.Knead it well with the fist.Keep adding water little by little and knead it.Then just hit it with the fist.The more the kneading most the softness.
Keep the blended one aside for 5-10 minutes by closing it with a cloth

Before making balls knead it again 

Traditionally the baatis are cooked in firewood or in Kanthas(Biscuits made from cows Dung).The above set up is oven that is specially available to cook baati.It looks similiar to that of a cake oven.It is a gas based oven.Presently there are also electric ovens of similiar types available.The gas based oven has three parts,The upper one,lower one and the grill.The baati to be cooked is placed on the grill and closed by the upper lid

Take a portion from the dough mixture and knead it and make into balls.Rolling of  baatis need a special training.Had taken a video of the procedure of making the balls.Will load it soon

Make it into balls and at one end press lightly with one of the finger which will enable the balls to sit on the plate without rolling

Roll and make the baatis ready
Preheat the baati oven(she used the gas type) for 2-3 minutes.Then bring it to SIM and keep the baati in the cook.Cook it by closing the upper lid for10-12 minutes.Keep checking regularly after every 3 minutes.If it had cooked at one side turn the other side of the baati and cook it

The baati gets cracked after some time.Just look into it whether it got cooked inside.So when the baati gets a crack you can confirm it that it had got cooked.

Have a close look at the crack of the baati..It is into the crack, the ghee is added!!

Keep the baati ready.Heat ghee in a bowl.

Soak the baatis into it.Usually they use more ghee in it.Since I don't want so much of ghee I was insisting shobha not to use much ghee!!

Then squeeze out the extra ghee and store the baatis.This can be stored for 2-3 days.



Mix all the dhal.Soak it for 15-20 minutes.Wash it.
Drain the water and take the dhal in a pressure cooker.Add turmeric powder,salt.

Add a drop of mustard oil.Pressure cook it till it gets cooked well.

Chop and keep all the things ready.
In a pan add cooking oil.
Once heated add Jeera(Cumin)and leave it to splutter

Then add crushed garlic,curry leaves, then the chopped onions.Saute it well.

After the onions are sauted well add tomatoes and saute it
Then add red chilli powder

Add the cooked dhal to it and mix well.Allow it to boil for 3-5 minutes.

As the kadai she use was small,she again poured it into the cooker and made it to boil.If u are using a larger kadai then skip this step

Then remove it from the flame.
Add garam masala powder,pepper powder

Add chopped coriander leaves.
Mix well.Close the vessel and keep it aside for 5minutes


Crush the baati
Add dhal to it generously.
Mix well and have it.
Can add ghee while serving too!!

Thank U so much shobha..


  1. Dal baati looks delicious, I want to make for some time, not yet got chance to make them .

  2. looks awesome.. is it anyway can we prepare without a baati cooker?