Thursday, January 10, 2013

Grandma's Cough Syrup

The weather here at Tuticorin was not so terrible as that of the ones prevailing at North India.But still the change in the weather had affected us a lot.Added to it was the Wayanad trip.Dry Cough,severe cold were giving me hell a lot of problem.As usual took pills for the dry cough but it gave me a lot of side effects than the remedy.I got bugged of taking medicines.Additionally I passed on my cold and cough to all the members of my beautiful family.
Last week my grandma came home to visit us.She saw all of us taking loads of cetrizine for cold.And the worst thing is there was no effect at all.She then advised to stop the medicine and made immediately a Kashayam..Luckily we had all the herbs grown at our balcony garden.
Just took 2 doses of it and by evening I was completely relieved of my 10 days old cold and cough.The syrup that is being explained here is for the severe cold and conjection problems.For some it might not work but definitely will not give any negative side effects.

I now have the habit of making it whenever i feel my kids would catch cold and cough
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10 leaves  of Omavalli/Karpoora valli/Spanish Thyme/Mexican Thyme/Hung Chanh  or 1 tbsp of Ajwain seeds
2 Nos of big Betal/Vethalai leaves
10 to 15 leaves of Tulsi/Holy Basil/Tulasi/Ocimum tenuiflorum
1 Cup of water
2 Tbsp of Honey
Wash all the leaves cleanly in running water.
Heat a cup of water in a pan.
When it boils add all the leaves and boil it for 5-10 minutes or till the water get reduced.
Then cool off the mixture and grind the leaves in a blender
Strain off grinded mixture and the liquid is the one that we need to consume.
While consuming add honey to the syrup and then consume it
The remaining can be refridgerated and can be used for a month.Before consuming warm it lightly.Then add honey and consume it.An adult can take 10 ml of it(including the honey)for 3 doses a day.

 Disclaimer:This is a first aid medicine only and for severe cold and cough it is always better to see a doctor upon on the intensity



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