Monday, December 3, 2012

Rava Kichadi

This is an instant breakfast which can be served to the guests.I don't make it very often as my kids don't prefer this.Only HH loves it and I hardly make it at home!!!I made it as I wanted to post it in my blog..HH was very happy on this regard as he could taste more delicious dishes.HH and the kids are more straight forward at passing on the true comments about how the food tasted!!!
Making this kichadi again at home had brought back my old memories...When my inlaws came to visit us for the first time after our marriage this was the breakfast I cooked for them ...Infact my father-in-law asks me to make this whenever he visits us...!!! We miss him and it brings back his thought whenever we make it...
It is a modified version of the regular Rava upma with a little bit of touch here and there.Rava kichadi with a combination of thick coconut chutney is enough to satisfy the tastebuds of any person...
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Grated ginger is left in the ingredients list...
Chop the vegetables,onion,tomato and keep it ready.
In a pan add a tsp of ghee/oil and roast the rava nicely
Take a pressure pan add oil and items mentioned in the "To Temper" list
Then add the sliced onions and saute well
Add the tomatoes(deseed them to reduce the sourness) and saute well
Then add the grated ginger 1 tsp and saute it well.If you want to add ginger garlic paste then add at this level and saute it.
At the same time boil 3.5 cups of water separately in another vessel.
Add the vegetables and saute well.
To it add the roasted rava and mix it well with the mixture.
Add the hot water to the mixture.
Then add the required amount of salt and mix well.
Close the pan(I used pressure pan but didn't use the whistle.Just used the lid to close it )
Leave it in SIM flame for 3-5 minutes
Fry the cashewnuts(Optional)
Add it to the kichadi and serve it with coconut chutney
Handy Notes:
  • Use fresh peas.
  • Kichadi turns little thick after some time.So take it off the stove when the mixture is in little semigravy consistency.

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