Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12 Special 12 Oothapams

Its 12-12-12 today... attractive date..The number 12.....It is like another number!!!Yet,it has interesting references and significances in mythology,astronomy,astrology etc..The number 12 ....A dozen,12 months an year,12 jyotilingas in Shaivism,12 days of christmas celebration,12 disciples of Jesus Christ,12 Olympians,12 Imams,12 zodiac signs,12 functional keys in a computer,12 standard keys in a normal telephone,12 basic hues in colour wheel,12 pairs of rib in human,12 notes an octave,12 face cards in a card deck,12 inches in a foot,12 old pennies in a shilling,12 apostles,12 spokes on a cart wheel, 12 hours of an analogue clock, 12 things a Duodecad,12 dozens a gross..and the list just extends...

Suddenly last night I thought of posting a dish related to 12/12 but don't want to spend more time at cooking.I had more to do with S's project work and assignments!!Then remembered the oothapams that they serve at Saravana Bhavan..And ended with making 12 types of Oothapams...It satisfied  all the categories of taste buds!! of my family... I satisfied all the members with the same batter but with a different toppings!!!
And added to all these specials..It was HH's and most of my friends's favourite star(Rajnikanth)'s birthday today..(Gaju are u happy!!!)....Cookndine too joins at wishing him much more years ......
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Hope this post doesn't need any procedure explanations!!!With the usually dosa batter, I made  small oothapams and added the  different toppings..
1.Plain Oothapam:
Take a ladle full of batter and pour it on a hot tava.Don't spread it much.make it like a pan cake.Add a tsp sesame oil to it. Cook on both the sides.
If u are adding the toppings,
then after pouring the  batter for the oothapams on the tava add the toppings when the batter is half cooked.Turn it the other side when it gets cooked on one side.Add ghee(optional) while serving..
2.Carrot Oothapam:
Add grated carrot,pepper powder on the oothapam and cook well on both the sides on low flame..Onions and red chillies can also be added if one wishes.
3.Cabbage Oothapam:
Add grated cabbages and onions on the oothapam and cook well.mixture of grated carrot and cabbages can also be added.
4.Tomato Oothapam:
Add finely chopped tomatoes on the oothapams while they are getting cooked.Tomatoes can also be sliced circular.deseed the tomatoes before you adding to the dosas.Chopped onions can also be added.
5.Onion Oothapam:
It is my favourite dish.slice onions either longly or chop it finely.both the method gives u a different taste.Use small onions if you want the taste to be fantastic.Chillies can also be added.
6.Capsicum Oothapam:
Chop the capsicum very finely.add it as topping to the oothapam.Can mix the three colours of the capsicum and can make it very colourful for the kids..
7.Cauliflower Oothapam:
Add grated cauliflower,chilli powder,chopped onions on the oothapam and cook well.
8.Keerai Oothapam:
Add finely chopped spinach onions as the toppings..
9.Beetroot Oothapam:
Add grated beetroot on the oothampam when they are getting cooked.Grated carrot can also be added along with it.It gives a colourful combination.
10.Mint Coriander chutney oothapam:
The mint chutney can be applied on the cooked dosa..
11.Podi Oothapam:
Add Idli Chilli powder on the half cooked oothapam and add sesame oil on the powder.
12.Sweet Coconut Oothapam:
Add grated coconut and sugar as a topping to the oothapam.Add honey if you want it sweet.
Serve it hot with coconut chutney and sambhar.
Happy 12/12/12!!!!..................



  1. you got lot of patience amudha.. You made me hungry now :)

    1. Tk u sumi.....level of patience had increased after taking care of 2 naughty kids at home!!!!