Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Masala Pori

Ayudha pooja was over..I wanted to finish off the left over puffed rice(Pori in tamil).And in the chill climate I wanted something to munch in without putting in any calories...this is the best choice and wanted a masala variety of it.I just love the garlic smell in the mixture.It gives an additive smell to the pori.

This is a simple recipe which is very easy and quick snack to make.Spicy Pori with a hot filter coffee in a rainy day ..the taste is unexplainable..
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1.In a pan add the oil and after it gets heated add asafoetida,curry leaves,chilli and finally the garlic and saute well.
2.Then add all the masala powders and then saute till without burning them.
3.Finally add the puffed rice,little salt and mix well.
4.To it add the roasted gram,peanuts and kara boondi
5.fry the mixure for 1 minute
6.Store in an air tight container.


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