Friday, October 5, 2012


This is the dish which is very famous here at my hometown-Vellore.People  from in and around South Tamilnadu are aware of this dish.This is a delicious dish which I love the most...It goes very well with Hot steamed idlies and hot pooris.In Some hotels they serve Set Dosa with Vadacurry.I learnt the recipe of this dish from my mother who makes this in a very delicious way.Infact her love also had added the extra flavour...There is a famous saying that any food that is cooked with lots of love  tastes lovely....Our mood gets replicated in the taste of the food too!!!
In the olden days during the festivals they make vada in large quantities.That time when there was no refrigeration facilities,they used this vadai to make a sidedish..And hence the name VadaCurry!!!They never wasted food and I feel we should bring  this habit to our kids.
For the recipe of this sidedish please press "Read More" below:

If there is any left over paruppu(Dhal) vada it can made used instead of the steamed dhal

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