Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Simple Butter Cookies

My kids were on their school vacation for the past 10 days.So they wanted me to bake some cookies for them..I baked it quite a few days back but was lazy enough to post them to my blog!!!This is a simple recipe for a cookie.It is very difficult to keep the kids engaged during holidays..My 2 kids kept on fighting...on petty petty issues .So to engage them I rolled out the dough and asked my kids to cut the shape using the assorted cookie cutters.They were just enjoying the process and were so happy when they could taste the cookie made by them....Both of them worked so well as a team and was very happy to see them..The elder one(8 yrs) was infact explaining the younger one(2.5 yrs old) the different shapes...
If u want the cookies to be little crispy then add 1-2 minutes additionally.The baking time may differ from an oven to oven...
Enjoy the cookies with the chocolate sauce on it ..
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