Monday, September 3, 2012

Vathal Kulambu/Vatha Kulambu

When I am bugged of more cooking and run shortage of vegetables I prefer to cook this Vathal Kulambu.It stays good even for 2-3 days when they are handled and refridgerated well.This is the handy gravy that I make and stock it for my hubby when I am not at station.The cooking time is very less and so the ingredients list..This method is my mother's methodology who makes superb fish curries.There are many variations being used.My MIL's method is different and she don't even add the onions .To get the thickness she adds the rice flour mixed with little water.Vatha Kulambu and Sutta Appalam is a exotic combination.

This post is for one of my blog readers and of course one my friend who had requested for the recipe.Please try it out Kritika and let me know how it tasted.

For the recipe kindly press READ MORE below.....

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