Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chakka Pradaman/Jackfruit payasam

This is the post that I had planned to post during the Onam week.Due to unavailability of the jackfruits!! at Tuticorin the post got delayed.We were on a hunt for the jackfruit for the past 15 days.Ultimately one of Hari's friend spotted the much awaited/hunted jackfruit and  got for us.To my surprise another wellwisher got it plucked from the Hare's Island in Tuticorin..So that evening my house was filled with the aroma of the jackfruit .I adore the Poo Kolams put during the onam and the Onam Sadya...

I dedicate this dish to all my malayali friends and to all the sweet lovers.

I tried this dish for the first time and to my surprise it came out very well and nothing was left for me.In whatever method you make it will taste the best..

Please feel free to pass me the comments if anything I had missed in the recipe

For the recipe press READ MORE below...


  1. Tried this...came out very good although I used forzen jackfruit and tinned coconut milk. Wonderful recipe and so easy to make. Next time, I will try with fresh jackfruit and fresh coconut even with frozen it was so yummm :)

  2. Tk u so much for posting the result too..I am very happy on this rgd....keep blogging ,trying out the recipes and pls update me...

  3. Pavithra brought the jackfruit payasam to office for Vinayaka Chaturthi and shared with all of us. It was tasting yummmmm..Thanks Pavithra. Thanks Amutha for posting this recipe,I am going to try it next time.

    1. Tk u sathya...loos try it out and let me know how it came out....I am much delighted