Monday, September 17, 2012

Sweet Modhagam/Kozhukattai/Rice Dumplings/Ganesh Chaturthi recipe

Ganesh Chathurthi is nearing.All set for a new beginning...For most of the people whom  I had come across Ganesh is their favourite god.Any beginning starts with a simple prayer to this primarily first god.The Modaks were the one which come to my mind when I think of the vinayaga Chathurthi...Recently the hobby of collecting the ganesh idols had become most of them's favourite hobby(Luckily I am not into it!!!)...So modern ganesh's idol (the recent one ganesh with the Iphone/Ipad) keep coming to the market...
Modaks,mothagam,Kozhukattai,Rice by any name...I have no words to describe the taste...There was time where we use to skip lunch and have only Kozhukattais and Sundals as our Lunch!!!
For the ones who are familiar in celebrating this occasion pls skip directly to recipe.For the ones who are not familiar the details of celebration(in Southern Tamilnadu) let me give a gist of it..
We get an idol of ganesha(made of clay)decorate him with the erukkam Poo(Milkweed flower)  and Arugam Pul (A type of grass).Prepare a variety of rice Idly,Sweet Modak,Uluntu Modak,Pidi Kozhukattai,Kara Kozhukattai,Appam,Sundal,Ulunthu Vadai,etc..etc.. and keep it infront of god and request his blessings!!!(We actually Bribe him!!! by the exotic dishes!!)..We eat it naming the god...and then do work outs for days together to reduce the calories....
Enough of bugging up..Here comes the recipe...
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Wanna change in my shape...Triangular Kozhukattais.....samosa kozhukattais!!!

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