Friday, November 22, 2013

Chicken Curry...Restaurant Style

One of my readers requested me to post some non vegetarian side dishes for Roti.Only then I realised that I had not posted any chicken gravies.My friend visited us last weekend and I made this gravy to have with Roti.This is a simple to make dish but the taste is similiar to the ones that u get at big restaurants..
Try it out and let me know how it tasted too..If any modifications or improvements please drop in the comments so that I too may incorporate the same!!

Cooking Time:20-25 Minutes
1/2 a kg of Chicken
2 Nos of Onion
1 Tbsp of ginger garlic Paste
1 No. of Tomato,medium sized
1/4 Tsp of Turmeric Powder
1 Tsp of Chilli Powder
1/4 Tsp of Garam masala powder
2 Tsp of Coriander Powder
1/4 Tsp of fennel powder
1/4 Tsp of pepper powder
3/4 Cups of medium thick coconut milk
1/4 Cup of Thick coconut milk
1 Tbsp of oil
Salt to taste.
Heat 1 Tsp of oil in a pan.Add chopped onion(reserve 1 Tsp for tempering later) and saute it.Add few mint leaves (Optional) and saute it.
Add ginger garlic paste and sauté it.
Then add chilli powder,coriander powder,turmeric powder,pepper powder,garam masala powder,fennel powder and sauté it.

Saute it at low flame so that u don’t burn the powders.
Switch off the flame and allow the contents to cool.
Grind it into smooth paste by adding little amount of water
Keep it aside.

Heat oil in another pan and add the chopped and cleaned chicken.
Saute it till the chicken changes its colour.
Then add the grinded paste and mix well.
If required add little amount of water and mix well.
Add salt to taste.
Add the medium coconut milk and mix well.
Those who are new to cooking for making coconut milk refer the handy tips section for making milk

Close it and allow it to cook in low flame for 10 minutes.
When the chicken gets cooked well add the thick coconut milk .
Adjust the consistency of the gravy according to your  need.
The gravy thickens after sometime so adjust the consistency accordingly
Boil it in low flame for 3-5 minutes.
Switch off the flame
Now do the tempering.
Add oil to the tempering pan.
Add few chopped onions and curry leaves.
Add them to the chicken curry and mix well.
Serve it hot with Roti or hot steamed rice

  • The gravy thickens after sometime.So adjust the water/Coconut milk quantity accordingly.
  • For Vegetarians chicken can be replaced with cauliflower.
  • After adding thick coconut milk dont boil it for longer time.
  • It can be garnished with chopped coriander leaves.
  • It is a medium hot gravy and if u want to increase the hotness and spicyness then increase the chilli powder and garam masala powder quantity.
  • Instead of using big onions for tempering if you use shallots/small onions, it will impart an extra taste to the dish.

  • Method of making coconut milk:

Grate coconut and add it to a mixer.Add little amount of water and grind well.
Then squeeze and take off the coconut milk.This is referred as thick coconut milk.
After taking the first milk,again add water to the squeezed grated coconut and sqeeze it again.What u get now is the medium coconut milk/second coconut milk.