Thursday, October 17, 2013

Safed Paneer/Paneer in white gravy

Are u bugged of eating the red tomato based paneer gravy?Don't have tomatoes with u??Then try this gravy..For a change u will love to have this with the Phulkas.The taste of the pepper imparts an exotic taste to the dish.This dish can be made within minutes.
So try this white based paneer gravy and let me know how it tasted too..
For the recipe n instructions click READ MORE below:

Recipe Source:ecurry

200gms of Paneer,Cubed
1/2 cup of fresh/frozen Green peas--Cooked
1/2 Tsp of Garam masala Powder
1 and 1/2 Tsp of Crushed Black Pepper
1/2 a cup of Milk,Boiled n cooled
2 Tsp of oil
1 Tsp of Cumin seeds
Salt as per ur Taste
To grind(Raw)
1 no. of Big onion,Large sized
10-12 nos. of Cashewnuts(Split)
1 Tsp of Poppy seeds/Khus Khus
3 nos. of Garlic Pods
1" piece of ginger,Peel off the skin


Grind all the ingredients mentioned in To grind list.Make it a smooth paste by adding little amount of water.Keep it aside.
Cook the green peas too and keep it aside.
Cube the paneer and keep it ready.
Heat a pan and add oil.
To it add cumin seeds .
Then add the grinded paste and saute it in low flame.
Add Garam masala powder and saute well.
Saute it till the grinded paste's raw smell goes off.
Then add the cubed paneer and cooked green peas.
Add milk to the pan and mix well.Add salt.
Bring the mixture to gentle boil.
Boil it in a low flame.
Then add freshly crushed black pepper to the gravy and mix well.
Simmer it for 10 minutes.
Serve it hot with Phulkas or Rotis.

  • Instead of milk u can add water too.
  • Adjust the amount of milk according to the consistency that u need.
  • Don't use fine powdered pepper.Use only freshly crushed pepper that imparts a nice taste to the dish.
  • Grind the paste smoothly.
  • Don't cook in high flame.Milk might curdle.