Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nellikai Urukai/Gooseberry Pickle/Amla Pickle

I had already posted gooseberry pickle.But had not posted any step by step photos.Last week a friend of mine gave a bag full of fresh gooseberries when she visited us.My mom makes yummy pickles and luckily she was there at our home at that time.So the very next day my mom made yummy yummy pickles and I clicked the step photos.This time to increase the shelf life of the pickle I didn't steam cook the gooseberries in the steamer instead I sauted it much so that it gets cooked...
Try this tasty Amla/Nellikai/Gooseberry pickle..U will fall in love with it..
For the recipe click READ MORE below:

15-20 Nos. of Big Gooseberry/Amla/Nellikai
1-2 Tbsp of Red chilli powder
1/2 Tsp of Turmeric powder
Salt as required
10 Tbsp of Gingelly oil
2 Tsp of mustard seeds
1/2 Tsp of fenugreek powder/Venthiya powder
1/8 Tsp of Asafoetida/Hing
Wash the gooseberries.
Wipe it with a clean towel and dry it so that there is no water on the gooseberry.
Then slice the gooseberry and discard the seeds.
Each gooseberry gives u 6 pieces.
Cut all the gooseberries and discard the seeds.
Keep the cut slices aside.
Take a wide pan and heat it.See to it that there is no water content.
Then add oil and heat it.
Add mustard seeds and leave it to splutter.
Then add Asafoetida/Hing
Then add sliced gooseberry and saute it.
Mix well so that oil gets coated on every slice.
Then add turmeric powder
Add chilli powder,salt and mix well.
Saute it well.Allow the mixture to cook for some time.
Keep turning the mixture up inbetween.
After some time the gooseberries would have cooked well.
Switch off the flame and allow it to cool.
Then when the mixture gets cooled add roasted methi /Fenugreek/Vendhiya powder and mix well.
Cool it and transfer it to an air tight container.It remains good for many weeks.When refrigerated it will stay good even for months together..
After transferring the pickle to the air tight container,add some cooked rice to the pan(in which u had made the pickle) and mix ....The masala and rice goes well and also tastes very yummy..
Amla pickle goes well with a simple curd rice
  • Cut the gooseberry along the line that is there on it.It makes the job easy.
  • U can also grate the gooseberry and cook it in the same way.
  • More the oil more the shelf life
  • While having the pickle leave off the oil in the container itself and take the gooseberry alone.
  • See to it that the gooseberry has no water on the skin.Or else the shelf life will decrease.
  • After the pickle gets cooled add the methi powder or else the pickle will be bitter it u add the powder when the flame is on.
  • Adjust the chilli powder and salt according to the sourness of the gooseberry
Sending this for Tamizhar Samaiyal

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