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Finger Millet Vada /Ragi Vadai....Kovai Special

Ragi/Finger millet is very rich in fiber and you won't feel hungry for long time if you have this millet.I have the habit of including this millet in my day to day menus to make it as a habit for my kids to have it regularly.
I had already posted few recipes made of this millet like Ragi Semiya Uppuma,Ragi Poori..
Though the colour is not appetizing don't underestimate the taste and flavour that ragi could give you...
Ragi/Finger Millet vadai is one of the most common snack of Coimbatore region.Yesterday surprisingly here in Tuty it was raining and schools were closed on this regard :) Kids wanted some snack for their evening and made these for them.With a ketchup they finished the plate and didn't disturb me for the next few hours..
It is easy to make snack as it requires no grinding of batter...
Make these healthy Vada and start using millets in your daily routine..


Makes: 10-15 small sized ones

1 Cup of Ragi flour /Finger millet flour
1/2 a cup of chopped onions (I used shallots)
1 Tsp of fennel seeds/Saunf
2 Nos. of Green Chillies,finely chopped
1 Tsp of grated ginger
2 Pods of garlic
1/2 Tsp of Cooking Soda
A pinch of Asafoetida/Hing
Coriander leaves,chopped finely
Curry leaves,chopped finely
Oil to deep fry
Salt to taste

To powder:
1 Tbsp of groundnut
1 Tbsp of Roasted gram/Varutha Kadalai/Pori Kadalai


Chop the onions finely.Small onions/Shallots add more taste to the dish.I used small onions.
Powder the groundnut (either it can be raw or a fried one ) and roasted gram/varu Kadalai

In a large mixing bowl add the ragi flour and the powdered groundnut+roasted gram mixture.Mix the mixture well.

Add salt,chopped onions,chopped curry leaves,chopped coriander leaves,grated ginger,crushed pods of garlic,finely chopped green chillies,fennel seeds,Asafoetida.

Also add cooking soda and crumble the mixture well so that all  items gets evenly mixed.
Sprinkle water little by little .

Make it into a thick dough consistency.Don't add too much of water too.
Then add a Tsp of oil and coat it all over the dough.

Heat a pan of oil.

Make it into small balls and roll it smooth.If you cannot make vadas and if it tends to break then sprinkle little more water and then try making vadas.
Flatten the balls into vadai shapes.
When the oil attain the required hotness gently drop in the vada.

Cook the vada on both the sides on medium flame.It takes little more time than the normal vada.So make sure that it gets cooked in the middle too.

Serve it hot.

  •  Serve it hot.It tastes good when it is hot.
  • Add much onions to increase the taste.
  • Don't skip the addition of soda .
  • You can add soaked channa dal too.
  • Cook them in medium flame .It takes little more time to cook than the normal Vada.
  • You can add grated carrot too along with the mixture and make Vada.
  • Make the vada little thin than the normal Paruppu vada as it takes more time to cook.
  • Don't cook them in high flame .The vadas will turn more black and will not get cooked in the middle.
  • Don't skip the addition of groundnut.It imparts a crunchy taste to the snack.
  • If the dough tends to break when you make Vada then sprinkle some more water and try making it.
  • If the dough is more watery then sprinkle some ragi flour or roasted gram powder and make it little stiff.
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